Did you know that as a Rochester 澳门真人app博彩下载homeowner, you own your water service and possibly your underground electric service?

Aging pipes, invasive tree roots, and seasonal changes are just a few examples of how normal wear and tear can cause a water or underground electric service to break. You can’t prevent it. You can’t predict it. Worst of all, most 澳门真人app博彩下载homeowner insurance policies do not cover repairing it, so you’ll have to pay for it.

RPU’s Service Assured® Underground Utility Repair Coverage Program can protect you from unexpected worries and costs caused by a broken water or underground electric service.

Service Assured® is available to RPU customers living in single-family 澳门真人app博彩下载homes or single-owner duplexes. We also offer Service Assured® to some town澳门真人app博彩下载home associations, individual twin澳门真人app博彩下载homes, and triplexes where each unit has its own service line. Some exclusions apply, so call us at 507.280.1500 to determine if you qualify.

Service Assured® brochure

For more information on Service Assured®, check out our most Frequently Asked Questions.


Single-family 澳门真人app博彩下载homes and single-owner duplexes pay only $1.99 per service per month with a special price of $2.99 per month when you sign up for both electric and water service coverage. Qualifying town澳门真人app博彩下载home associations, twin 澳门真人app博彩下载homes, and triplexes pay $1.99 per service per month, or $2.99 per month for both.

Is your town澳门真人app博彩下载home association interested in Service Assured®? Email us to find out if your association qualifies.


To determine if your 澳门真人app博彩下载home qualifies, or if you want to enroll in Service Assured®, call us at 507.280.1500. A pre-inspection of your water and/or electric service is required before enrollment can be completed. When one of our employees comes out to do the inspection, they will bring the enrollment form with them for you to complete.

  • Service Assured® Terms & Conditions Agreement

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